1650kVA Standby Power Cummins KTA50-GS8 Powered Super Silent 40'HQ
Containerized Type

Product Description

Containerized Type
PACELINK Containerized type generator is well received by our customers in the mining industry and remote areas. We adopt both 20' and 40' ISO standard shipping containers as the acoustic canopy to minimize the noise and ease the transportation.
All our containers have CSC certificates, which assure them with the international container security standard.


Key Features:
---The designed container conforms to ISO container standards with CSC certificate, which allows it to be loaded directly onto the vessel.
---Container can be opened from front and back, and side doors are available in both sides, which eases the daily check and maintenance.
---Control panel and power outlet distribution panel are on the same side, which assures convenient daily operating and maintenance.
---External fuel inlet with electrical fuel gauge, oil and coolant drain, etc. are user-friendly designs and well received by our customers.
---Advanced noise reduction design in container's air inlet and outlet achieves outstanding low noise level. 

1250kVA Cummins KTA38-G9 Powered Super Silent 40'HQ 
---75 dBA@1m with 100% Load
---Inbuilt Muffler
---DSE8610 + ABB Motorized Breaker
---304 Stainless Inbuilt Exhaust System
---Inbuilt 2000 L Fuel Tank 





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