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Scania powered generator

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Used as the primary power source at remote sites and entertainment venues or as back-up power in demanding operations and critical societal functions, Scania power systems provide trouble-free power when and where needed. Their absolute dependability, outstanding fuel efficiency, and immediate response means they are highly appreciated all over the world.

Scania power generation portfolio comprises 50- and 60 Hz engines that span from 253 to 772 kVa, complemented with installation support as well as services during operation for manufacturers and operators alike.


Mecc Alte, Stamford, Leory Somer are available

Frequency   (50Hz)Engine Model
Prime   PowerStandby Power
PLG-S275250200275220DC09   072A 02-11
PLG-S313275220313250DC09   072A 02-12
PLG-S338300240338270DC09   072A 02-13
PLG-S363325260363290DC09   072A 02-14
PLG-S413375300413330DC13   072A 02-11
PLG-S456413330456365DC13   072A 02-12
PLG-S500456365500400DC13   072A 02-13
PLG-S550500400550440DC13   072A 02-14
PLG-S613555444613490DC16   093A 02-52
PLG-S668606485668534DC16   093A 02-53
PLG-S706640512706565DC16   093A 02-54
PLG-S713650520713570DC16   072A 02-12
PLG-S775700560775620DC16   072A 02-13

Frequency   (60Hz)Engine Model
Prime   PowerStandby Power
PLG-S309-6278222309247DC09   072A 02-11
PLG-S338-6305244338270DC09   072A 02-12
PLG-S363-6325260363290DC09   072A 02-13
PLG-S405-6365292405324DC09   072A 02-14
PLG-S460-6421337460368DC13   072A 02-11
PLG-S508-6456365508406DC13   072A 02-12
PLG-S550-6500400550440DC13   072A 02-13
PLG-S608-6550440608486DC16   093A 02-52
PLG-S663-6600480663530DC16   093A 02-53
PLG-S720-6651521720576DC16   093A 02-54
PLG-S775-6700560775620DC16   072A 02-12
PLG-S800-6725580800640DC16   072A 02-13

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