440kVA Perkins 2206C-E13TAG3 Powered
Super Silent Type

Product Description

Super Silent Type
PACELINK Super Silent Type has all the feature of the Silent type while its noise level is much lower. The noise level can be low as to 55-58 db at 7 meters which is suitable for events, hospital and residential areas. Our experienced professional engineers are all customer-oriented and can try the best to tailor your demands. Just tell us your required noise level, we will work out the solution for you.


Key Features:
---Improved advanced air flow and ambient temperature design which assures the generator can perform its utmost capability both at 100% prime and 110% emergency standby use
---Customized built-in high performance residential muffler minimizes the noise level
---Top lifting points as standard feature
---Forklift pockets and eyelets as standard feature
---External robust steel lockable fuel inlet with electrical fuel gauge as standard feature
---User-friendly external power outlet flap
---Environmental-friendly fully bunded base fuel tank assures no oil or coolant spills onto the ground
---Earth strap fitted on all canopy doors to assure safety
---The canopy adopts a holistic disassembly structure with large size doors to assure the convenience for daily check and maintenance
---High quality outdoor powder coating to strictly protect against rusty, corrosion and ultraviolet radiation

440kVA Perkins 2206C-E13TAG3 Powered
---72 dbA@7m with 100% load
---Limited Small Footprint
---ComAp IG-NTC + ABB Motorized Breaker
---Galvanized Canopy with Powder Coating
---10HR Double Bund Fuel Tank
---Hot Dipped Galvanized Base
---Water Jacket
---Anti Condensation Heater
---Alternator RTD
---304 Stainless Exhaust System
---Catalytic Converters
---Vermon Proof
---Exhaust Temp. Senser with Gauge

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